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    It's a fair question, and we're glad you asked. We promise to never sell, rent, lend or give away your personal details.

    By signing the French Commission For Data Protection and Civil Liberties' declaration (#1667005), we have legally and formally committed to protecting your privacy. Please know that you can modify or delete your personal details from our databse at any time.

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    Although it's possible to appreciate art digitally, nothing beats seeing a work in real life. Artips may occassionally send you stories about works of art on display in a nearby town or city.

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  • How does Artips make money?

    Our primary goal is—and always will be—to write high quality, enjoyable stories that we're proud of and that our readers love.

    To make ends meet (so to speak), we partner with cultural institutions and museums to promote certain works of art that we think our community would like to learn about.

  • I would love to bring Artips to my colleagues and / or customers. How can we collaborate professionally?

    We love partnering with companies to provide bespoke content for their clients, employees and shareholders.

    In the past we have produced custom newsletters and specialized booklets, developed E-learning modules and digital applications, and offered guided tours and private conferences about art history and management. When it comes to ways of collaborating, the sky's the limit!

    If you would like to discuss things further, please contact Coline at

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Who's behind Artips?

The Artips Team
  • Gérard, Art history professor and resident know-it-all who ensures that each of our stories is 100% historically accurate.
  • Coline, Co-founder and natural born detective who loves to uncover and write about the art world's greatest secrets.
  • Jean, Co-founder and tech wiz who ensures that each story makes it out the (metaphorical) door.
200+ Collaborators
  • Art history professors
  • Museum guides and dossents
  • Art history students
  • Enthusiasts (who really know their stuff!)